Welcome to WEAVE


WEAVE is the place where people heal by sharing their story.

The healing power of writing has been known for many years. Those who write through their pain heal faster because writing is proven to boost the immune system.  

Writing about our pain provides clarity and truth surrounding adverse experiences that may have created untrue thoughts within our minds when they happened. Those untrue thoughts have been creating our reality.  The good news is that when we are awakened to the falseness of those thoughts, we can change our lives to resemble the truth of who we really are.

Trauma survivors and those struggling with addiction face unique challenges. Our community provides a private place for members to share their adverse childhood experiences and to re-write their lives as they heal in a supportive environment.

Members anonymously contribute their health problems and solutions to help others while receiving answers to their own health issues.

Over time, we will be adding a variety of proprietary solutions to support you across every aspect of your life.  

In the meantime...

  1.  Write your story (A sentence or a screenplay!)
  2. Answer 20 questions
  3. Let the healing begin

WEAVE turns survivors into thrivers!