What is WEAVE?


WEAVE is the place to heal your life by writing the story of your past.  Writing has been proven to boost the immune system and speed the healing process for people struggling to overcome pain whether from childhood trauma, addiction, divorce, even the loss of a job.  People who write about their experiences move on more quickly.We are a private community, but once you're a member your story becomes visible to those here, so we demand a high-level of respect and trust.  

When you sign up for WEAVE you will be asked 20 questions, half of which are derived from the ACE Study and its accompanying questionnaire developed by Dr. Vincent Felitti.  The other 10 questions pertain to your personal health experiences and your answers will help us help the community to find solutions to their own health problems.

We believe in the power of people standing for each other.  Because of the nature of this site, the highest level of integrity is required of our members.  Anyone found to be derogatory or abusive in any way will be removed immediately and banned permanently.  We will not tolerate any judgement of anyone for any reason.  I'm grateful to say that in a year of running a similar group on a social channel, I haven't had one issue with a member.  

About the Founder

I'm Sarah, a survivor turned thriver sharing my blueprint for success when it comes to healing from trauma.

I'm building WEAVE for people who sincerely want to be on the other side of the pain caused by adverse childhood experiences.  I'm living proof that's it's possible, but it requires work and doesn't just happen on its own.  A commitment to face the truth and work through the lies when they come at you is imperative.  What I've learned is that as survivors we're not only given more difficulty, but we're given more strength. We can do anything, but it takes proactivity.  I'm excited to share how as WEAVE unfolds.

My background is music, technology, writing and content strategy.  A decade in the writing, I've just finished my first screenplay, Love is Invisible, which I've also adapted as a book.